by Colorblind

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released July 14, 2017

Written by Colorblind
Recorded by Luis Quiroz



all rights reserved


Colorblind Norman, Oklahoma

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Track Name: Don't Leave
I'll scream so loud for you
I've never done a single thing for me
You're there in all I do
I'm waiting for the day you'll finally see

The days are fast and blurry
I'll spin the world around
Don't go in such a hurry
Not now, not now
Gone and I am forgotten
I've got no room to breathe
You shut the door and locked it
Don't leave, don't leave

I'm broke and beaten down
God never seemed to care for me
I live to hear the sound
Your voice my favorite memory

I'll sing this song just to make you believe
I'll sing this song just to keep you from leaving
I'll sing this song just to show what it means to me
I'll sing this song just to make you believe
I'll sing this song just to keep you from leaving
I'll sing this song just to make you believe in me
Track Name: Caroline
You used to call me late at night
Hid my number in her phone
Said she missed feeling my touch
And I don't want to sleep alone

Caroline, I know you'll call me when you're home
Caroline, and you know how to set the tone

I feel you shake
That's how I know I'm coming in
I need your taste
And now I want to feel you sin

You shut the door
Lead me up into your room
Lay your clothes down on the floor
I know we both will feel it soon
Track Name: What's Real
I never thought I'd call this place my home
I never wanted to be alone
You gave me somewhere to lay my head
I felt complete just lying in your bed

She makes me see who I want to be
I beg and plead this feeling can't leave
1000 miles just to see her smile
Distance is pain but what's real remains

A broken smile but hopeful eyes
A sea of memories and shameful lies
Forget the past and said one more time
It might not last but gave it a try

(I'm never letting go)
(I can't let this go)
Track Name: Pretty Lies
This time I'll lose myself
No comfort for my health
Eyes wide won't ask for help
Forgot just what it means
Be heard and never seen
Spite what you don't believe

Don't let a book you've never read
Make you regret the life you led
Gaze into their eyes and see they're dead
The pretty lies inside their head

No king and no more crown
Their hate is where they'll drown
Stay lost and never found
I'll bow to no man
Who can't shake my hand
Broken but holy land

I try so hard to believe that I will stay with you
You say it's love that I need but that just isn't true
I'll never see what you see no matter what I do
Tell me to look to the skies but all I see is blue
Track Name: Out Of My Mind
Just give me the go ahead
And I'll set you at the edge of my bed
Don't know what thoughts you have
Cause looking at you has me out of my head

I try to get you out of my mind
Tonight I'm begging and pleading you'll let me inside

You sit with your eyes fixed on me
Say anything and I will believe
I don't get the things you do
Could be with any other girl but I'm looking at you

Cause you were looking at me and I was looking at you
Wasn't quite sure just what I could do
With the wind in your hair and your lips painted red
Forgot other feelings, went with this one instead

I try to get you out of your mind
Tonight I'm begging and pleading you'll let me inside
Track Name: Streetlights
Streetlights flash on the way downtown
Radio on but you don't make a sound
I never thought things would end up like this
Lying to my friends I'm a piece of shit

But I'd do it all, do it all again
I found myself don't want to play pretend

Guilty summer best I've ever had
Spent some late nights dancing trying to make her mad
Called my mother said she would be proud
Came home stumbling, tried not to be loud

Streetlights flash on the way downtown
Radio on why won't you make a sound
Track Name: Push Me Away
Another day flies past
And I've been feeling so alone
Shouldn't have left home
Keep seeing faces pass
Another name another clone
It's tough and that I know
Stuck in my head again
Knew my time would never last
Came and went so fast
Lost in a well known place
Never ending race
Only want a taste

Forget the time and place, such a waste
At least I finally see
It wasn't good for me
Set me free

I finally have a say, pushed me away
With time you'll finally see
Wasn't meant to be

Forgot what it meant to be, what to believe
I couldn't breathe
Never listen to what you said
The life you led
On my own instead
Track Name: Wanted To Believe
It's all the same for me
Another lie I tried to believe
It's all that she can see
I promised that I'd never leave

I'll try to look out for myself now

I wanted to believe in you
She never did the same for me
Of all the things I tried to do
I couldn't be the man she'd need

Months keep passing by
Lived my life inside her bed
Reflection in her eyes
Always running through my head
Track Name: Things We Could Do
I got addicted to the lifestyle
Felt the banging in my head
Open my eyes to see her smile
Skip work stay in bed
Didn't think this would take a while
Lost in thought and what you said
Try for something that is worthwhile
Wonder where my life is led

You know I'll call you when I am gone
Sitting still has never worked too well for me
They say these things never last long
But that doesn't mean it shouldn't be

As the sky turns dark blue
And the wind blows through your hair
Of all the things we could do
I only want to take her home with me

Another take of a midweek holiday
The music blares no matter what the others say
Never did too well on my own
Never thought I'd call a broken house my home
Track Name: Lost Cause
Don't know if I'll be back next summer
Appreciate you care
This town was just too small for me
Don't know if I'll see tomorrow
I won't forget to call
Only connection to my family

Cause I'm a lost cause
It's hard keeping in touch
And I was never found
It's not your life that was lost

I know the miles start to matter
Please don't forget my face
I won't be just a memory
Days pass by but I remember
The house that I call home
My jump back to reality

I only wanted to make you proud of me
I never wanted to break your heart
I didn't want you to see this side of me
I just want to go back to the start