Turn To Stone

by Colorblind

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released May 6, 2016

Recorded by Luis Quiroz at Good Ass Studios in Tulsa, Oklahoma
All songs written by Colorblind



all rights reserved


Colorblind Norman, Oklahoma

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Track Name: Turn To Stone
I thought a lot about you
And I think I figured it out
Never gonna work now
Shouldn't have got too close
Things I touch all turn to stone
What we had was broken

Can't climb these walls
Not there when you call
You locked yourself inside
Self inflicted
Your pain was scripted
I won't come back this time

I shut the door behind me
Turned and walked away from it all
You drove away so slowly
There's extra room in my bed
Wake up clear the thoughts from my head
Another day on my own

Eighteen without a worry
Didn't know where this was going
We were, eighteen without a worry
Fell in love nothing could hurt me

My time feels lost without you
But it seems like it was headed this way
I'll learn to deal with the pain
I don't believe in second chances
I think about it and it clouds my head
I'll talk to you when this is over
Track Name: Try To Forget
Dark then dawn
Days are so long
Sleep till noon
Dream about you

That night on my porch step
I still try to forget
Those words, those things you said
Lipstick stains on my bed

And I know that you will remember
When our lips first touched and New Year's took a hold

Three long years
My eyes are clear
Fill the void
Drown out the noise

I know how you feel
But I don't hear you
Track Name: Empty Promises
Last time we talked I didn't feel the same
Lost once before this can't be real again

I know it hurts but it's true
I will always love you
I never could follow through
Done but oh so confused

Sound of your voice is ringing in my ear
No man, no God will make my vision clear
The empty promises break through
I didn't know what to do
Track Name: Cold Feet
Let the rain wash over my face
And leave me hung out to dry
Tell me I've lost my mind

No cold feet
Come use me
Lift these chains
Scream my name

Don't wanna feel the same this time
Don't wanna feel like I'm fine
Another thorn in my side

I'm tangled up around you
And I've got nothing to prove
You spit venom in my eyes
And now you ask why I'm blind
Track Name: Lost My Faith
Wish growing up wasn't just getting older
Wish it was forgetting how to feel
Anything, anyone except for me
I don't believe

Whoever thought I'd long for days where I'd be cold and numb
Your dark brown eyes still linger in the air
Frozen, searching, can't find my peace
Forgetting how to breathe

She used to fall asleep with flowers in her hair
All she's left with now, just a broken stare

Not in your arms, lost and not looking to be found
I'm searching for a home that's six feet deep
Trying, forgetting these memories
I don't believe

I thirst for sleep, the demons still haunt me in my dreams
Don't wake me until you are dead and gone
Nothing, no hope all along

I tried, it's true
Lost my faith, lost my mind, now I'm losing you